Our Recruitment Approach


It's about quality, not quantity - we're selective.  We take the time to become thoroughly familiar with your company, people, product, work environment and expectations.  Our focus is on meeting a company's cultural and business needs.  No preconceived notions or cookie cutters—only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives.


Think about the amount of time it takes for your managers to surface, screen, interview, negotiate, and hire the best potential candidate.  At Hire House Recruiting, we are experts with a proven process.  We search, screen, qualify, and present only those candidates who meet the predetermined requirements saving you and your company substantial time and energy.


We take a consultative approach to find the top talent you are looking for and consistently keep up on industry insights.  We know your competitors.  We know who their top performers are.  We know what it would take to recruit a key player from your competition.  Most of all we know how to  uncover the values, interests and goals that motivate people to succeed.


We understand that your hiring needs and priorities can change overnight.  Whether you have one executive level position to fill or five temporary positions, we're flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives.

Direct Hire:  Hire House recruiters locate the best candidates and present your opportunity in ways that attract them to your organization.  Our proven search techniques and streamlined methodology give our clients access to a wide range of talent recruitment options, including Retained, Engaged, and Contingency searches.

Contract Staffing:  We provide the flexible human capital solutions needed by clients to execute both long-term and short-term strategies.  Contract Staffing goes beyond just filling temporary professional positions by quickly sourcing and placing specialized talent needed to respond to the increasing speed of innovation in technology, logistics, healthcare, financial services - virtually any industry facing the challenges of rapid change.

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