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Our client is an influencer media agency that specializes in influencer marketing and talent representation. They are hiring a Gaming Campaign Manager to build on existing relationships and deliver outstanding campaigns for clients in the gaming arena. You will report to one of the company's Gaming Managers and work closely with the other Gaming Manager, Chief Growth Officer, and the Operations teams to make sure clients are satisfied. That's right, You're managing client relationships, thinking strategically about how to create cutting-edge campaigns, and following through on all promises to create meaningful long-term partnerships. 


You're the gaming nerd who makes things happen. You're more than just a fan and you have taken it upon yourself to understand the gaming business inside and out. You're here to build on existing relationships and grow new ones to help brands tell their story through key influencers on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other mediums (we wish Mixer was still on the list too. Sigh). You know games. You know creators. You just get nerd culture (anime, comic books and more). Oh – and you know which brands are doing it best in gaming.

You're certainly ready for a full-time role and ideally, be Metro-Detroit or Ontario, Canada, but the role can absolutely be done remotely. You're passionate about esports, video games, and the business behind it. You have an encyclopedic knowledge of the gaming world, from the largest streamers to the newest teams and know how to tie it into a clear picture. You thrive in situations where you can fill in the details, and use them to paint the bigger picture for clients. You dig media and marketing and you've got the track record to prove it; 1-3+ years of experience working with brands in a client-facing marketing role.


You're not here to simply take orders and complete discrete tasks -- you're here to make order out of the chaos. You can run gaming campaigns with beta technology, tight timelines, and prioritize competing interests. Your skills go beyond the controller or keyboard. If you don’t have the tool you need, you'll find it. You've got fresh perspectives and you're going to share your views on how to create the best systems for any need. You're genuinely excited when you make a system better than what came before. You're going to share your views on how to create the company you believe in. That's right -- you have ideas and you're going to find a way to get work done. Period.



  • 401k Matching

  • 100% coverage on healthcare

  • Unlimited vacation policy

  • Team events, offsites & retreats



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