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Millennials make up the largest generation of the U.S. workforce and it takes more than a ping-pong table to recruit them.

We believe in clients as partners. We have your best interests in mind. As trusted recruiting advisers, we develop a relationship with you, see that you have a problem, and now we want to help you solve it; all while communicating the truth. 

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Brainstorming Session

We hire for culture add.

We think beyond the resume. We dig deep to determine the personality that will best thrive with your team. We make the extra effort to understand your company structure which is essential when looking for the right potential candidate. We hire for culture add to increase the likeliness that someone will not only reflect the company's values and professional ethics, but also bring an aspect of diverse opinions, experiences, and specialized skill which enhances not just the team, but the overall company culture.

Quality, not quantity.

We will never send you a pile of resumes to sort through. We're selective. We take the time to become thoroughly familiar with your company, people, product, work environment and expectations.  Our focus is on meeting a company's cultural and business needs.  No preconceived notions or cookie cutters—only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring goals and objectives.

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